Watershed Management Authority

The Upper Wapsipinicon River Watershed Management Authority was created in 2015 as a partnership of 30 cities, counties, and soil and water conservation districts who signed a 28E agreement to work together in their shared watershed to reduce flooding along the Wapsipinicon River and improve water quality.


Next Meeting

May 28, 2019

Meeting Minutes

Membership & Representatives

  • City of Aurora: Dave Young
  • City of Central City: Don Gray
  • City of Dunkerton: Sheila Steffen
  • City of Elma: Shannon Gebel
  • City of Fredericksburg: James N Ehr, Alt. Brian O’Day
  • City of Frederika: Duane Meihost
  • City of Hazleton: Gerald VandeVorde, Alt. Lisa Baych
  • City of Independence: John Kertz
  • City of New Hampton: Bob Martin, Alt. Jill Eicke
  • City of Quasqueton: Chat Staton
  • City of Readlyn: Dan Wedemeier
  • City of Riceville: Jordan Oulman
  • City of Sumner: Curtis Behrens
  • City of Tripoli: Greg Eschweiler
  • City of Winthrop: Gerald Dennie, Alt. Mary Ryan
  • Black Hawk County: Dan Trelka
  • Bremer County: Kip Ladage, Alt. David Lehman
  • Buchanan County: Don Shonka (Chair), Alt. Gary Gissel
  • Chickasaw County: John Andersen
  • Fayette County: Jeanine Tellin
  • Howard County: Jerry Steven
  • Linn County: Chuck Ungs
  • Mitchell County: Steve Smolik
  • Black Hawk Soil & Water Conservation District: Jennifer Trent
  • Bremer Soil & Water Conservation District: Ron Lenth, Alt. Kip Ladage
  • Buchanan Soil & Water Conservation District: Julie Althaus, Alt. Bob Muchmore
  • Chickasaw Soil & Water Conservation District: Randy Miller, Alt. Kim Leichtman
  • Delaware Soil & Water Conservation District: Chris Eibey
  • Fayette Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Howard Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Linn Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Mitchell Soil & Water Conservation District


Public Relations/Communications Committee (includes education) – 2017

Gary Gissel, John Kurtz, Don Shonka, Ashley Sherrets, Chuck Ungs and Greg Eschweiler

Technical Committee – 2017

Brian Keierleber, Ron Lenth, Dan Cohen, Mary Beth Stevenson and Don Shonka, Abby Beltz, Brian Moore, Dennis Goemaat, and a University of Iowa contact (Ashley Kittle)

Project Coordinator Committee – 2017

Mike Lenius, Frank Magnesman, Mary Beth Stevenson, Felicia Campbell, Bob Muchmore, Abby Beltz and Don Shonka

28E Agreement

Upper Wapsipinicon River Watershed Management Authority 28E Agreement (2017 Revision) (PDF)

Preliminary Goals (Set 2015)

http://upperwapsi.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Upper-Wapsi-WMA-Goals-2015.pdf (PDF)