Northeast Iowa RC&D, with assistance from the University of Iowa Flood Resilience Team, and the City of Quasqueton have been working on a Flood Resilience Action Plan for the Community. Quasqueton was selected by the University of Iowa Flood Resilience Team to develop a Flood Resilience Action Plan (FRAP) as part of a project funded by a grant awarded to the Iowa Economic Development Authority by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The project is called the Iowa Watershed Approach (IWA) project. Quasqueton was selected for this project because of its historical experiences with river and flash flooding, along with their existing innovative strategies that make the community more resilient. The FRAP works to create a more resilient community, so they the city of Quasqueton and its residents can more efficiently respond to, and mitigate flooding in their community.

To check out the he Quasquetion Flood Resilience Action Plan and supporting information click HERE